Internet Links

To publish internet links:

1. Expand the Publishing menu, and then select Internet Links.

2. Click Add Internet Link.

The Add Internet Link page opens.

3. Type the following criteria:

  • Internet URL

  • Default Link Text – Displays as a link in the collection

  • Default Description – Describes and differentiates links with text below the clickable area

4. Click Save

To add a link to a collection:

1. Expand the Publishing menu, and then select Collection Links.

2. Select a collection from the drop-down menu

3. Click Add Collection Link.

4. From here, you can:

  • Select Link to a fixed Internet URL, and then type the URL you want to add.

  • Select Link to a related publishing collection, and then select the collection you want to add.

  • Select Overwrite default link information to type custom link text and description.

5. Click Save to save the new link.