File Requests

When a user requests a file to be published, it will need to be approved by a Publishing Administrator before it is added to the Collection and displayed when a user navigates to the Collection.

When you first navigate to File Requests in Publishing within the Publishing tree, the default view is all the files that are pending to be approved:

You can change the view by clicking the down arrow beside Request by state and selecting which request you want to see: ApprovedPending, or Rejected.

To Approve or Reject a file for publishing:

  1. Select the check box before the file you want to approve or reject, and then click Approve or Reject.

By clicking on the file requested, you can scroll down and click the Modify button if you would like to change anything about the request before approving the request.

If you would like to change details of the published file after you have approved it, simply change the Request State to Approved and find the approved file you wish to edit.