Guest Member

A guest member is an external user accessing a distribution via Recipient Login or using the Thru protected Dropbox mode

Issues can occur with guest members when registration is not completed correctly or the guest member forgets the email or password associated with the login.

Administrators can manage guest members from the USER section of the admin dashboard.

Administrators and reset guest members passwords or delete guest members forcing the recipients to re-register before accessing protected distributions.

Additionally, a guest member can be converted to any other type of member, but cannot be converted back to a guest.

Remember to select a Home folder when converting a guest to a member

Also, be aware regarding Password expiration

A new protected Thru Dropbox mode was also introduced for Thru Dropbox that requires external senders to self – authenticate to get access to Thru Dropbox.
Workflow is identical to protected Thru emails. Contact support for further information.