Send large files securely to anyone

With Thru, you can send large files and folders securely from your desktop, web browsers, business applications and email clients.
You also have the option to request recipients to login to download files, set an expiration date, and more to increase security and policy-driven access.

To download Thru desktop apps and Add-Ins, go here.

Example 1: Send files from any web browser with the Thru Web app.

Example 2: Send email attachments of any size using Thru’s email client add-ins.

(Thru Add-In for Microsoft Outlook)

(Thru Add-In for IBM Notes) EOL

Example 3: Protect your SharePoint documents by using the Thru Add-In for SharePoint 2013.

Example 4: Send sales files securely by using Thru’s Add-In for Salesforce.

To add the Thru Add-In for Salesforce to your Salesforce account, contact your Thru Account Representative.