treeMailS Comments, Tips, and Tricks

When sending an MFT Mail via Thru, the e-mail is transported from the Lotus Notes Client via the MFT Bridge installed on the Lotus Domino Server (home server of the user). To make sure the Lotus Notes Client does not split up the mail when transferring it into the Routing databases (MAIL.BOX) of the Domino Servers, the Lotus Notes Client should transfer the emails (parameter “Format for outgoing emails” in the work area) in Rich Text format; the conversion to HTML should be handled by the Domino Server (setting in Server Configuration document of the name and address book: “Configuration” – “Configurations” – “Select server document” – “Tab: MIME” – “Tab: Conversion Options” – “Tab: Outbound” – “Parameter: Message content” change to “form Notes to Plain text and HTML”).

Generally, administration processes are executed automatically in certain poll cycles. If you click the “Perform data synchronization immediately”, all the changes you made to the master data, personal profiles, and company profiles are activated immediately.

Changes to the treeMailS Server Configuration documents require a restart of the treeMailS/MFT Server processes (Stop: “tell nmkengine quit”, Start: “load nmkengine –SM” and/or “load nmkengine –SA”).