treeMailS Client Rollout and Activation

As described in the section Personal Profiles, you can install the treeMailS Client via installation email through the treeMailS default mechanism (this may well be the simplest and safest way for a start). For larger rollouts there are other options.

Be aware that there are basically only two steps for a treeMailS Client installation:

  1. The treeMailS Client (program “nmkphook.dll”) is stored in the Lotus Notes Data directory.

  2. In the local NOTES.INI, the entry “EXTMGR_ADDINS” set for the user accordingly.

The user receives an email asking him to install the treeMailS client by clicking the “Installation treeMailS Client” button provided in the email.

Once the user has clicked the “Installation treeMailS Client” button in the email, the treeMailS Client is installed on his machine; upon completion, the success is indicated by the following message:

The status of the installation at his end is reflected in the column „Installation status“ of his user profile (“Installation approval”, “Installation performed”).

Option 1: Deploying from Config Database

treeMailS is installed so it can be operated immediately. However, after the installation, the parameter Activate treeMailS Client Installation is set to “No” to make sure that no client updates or corresponding emails are sent out prematurely. After the installation, this parameter has to be set to “Yes” manually.

Option 2: Deploy Using Third Party Tool

When using a software distribution solution to install treeMailS Client, familiarize yourself with the previously described manual (local) installation (refer to: “treeMailS Manual Installation”).

The deployment with software distribution tools is very easy as treeMailS Client only requires to drop one file into the IBM Notes Data (program “nmkphook.dll”) directory and add a entry into the notes.ini file (“EXTMGR_ADDINS”). This could be done by a Lotus Domino policy document.

treeMailS Client De-Installation


Deactivate the treeMailS Client parameter in the personal profile of the treeMailS Configuration database.


Delete/adjust the following parameter in NOTES.INI (Lotus Notes client):


Restart the Lotus Notes Client.