treeMailS Architecture and Components

The following sections provide a detailed overview of the treeMailS software architecture and included components (based on IBM Notes and Domino).

treeMailS Architecture Overview

The purpose of the treeMailS software (based on IBM Notes and Domino) is to optimize and improve email management within Lotus Domino.

The treeMailS IBM Notes Add-In for Thru (treeMailS/MFT) is a feature within treeMailS. To use the IBM Notes Add-In for Thru (treeMailS/MFT), you have to fully install treeMailS and configure some of its functions; however, you do not have to fully configure treeMailS to use the IBM Notes Add-In for Thru (treeMailS/MFT).

The following figure shows the process of sending an e-mail within treeMailS (using a treeMailS client) using the IBM Notes Add-In for Thru:

IBM Domino Server Components

The following components have to be installed on each mail server within a Lotus Domino environment.

treeMailS Server Engine (Lotus Domino AddIn-Servertask)

The “treeMailS” server task is used to control treeMailS on a Lotus Domino mail server. It monitors all of the existing routing databases on a Lotus Domino mail server and executes the desired treeMailS/MFT actions (add signature, 4-eye principle, marketing templates, etc.) for the blocked mail documents (“DEAD” status) on the server. On each Lotus Domino domain you have to select one server as a treeMailS administration server. This server runs two instances of the treeMailS Server engine (administration process and signature process), while on the other mail servers only the signature process is necessary.

treeMailS Mail Blocker (Lotus Domino Hook Driver)

The mail blocker automatically stops all emails that are routed through MAIL.BOX databases (routing databases) of a Lotus Domino mail server (setting field “RoutingState” to “DEAD”). Then the “treeMailS” Server engine processes the blocked emails, executes the corresponding actions, and then releases them for IBM Domino routing again.

MAIL.BOXes (routing databases) have to be numbered consecutively (MAIL1.BOX, MAIL2.BOX, etc.). Otherwise treeMailS stops after the end of a row.

The treeMailS mail blocker is compatible with the mail blockers from the following manufacturers:

  • TrendMicro

  • McAfee

  • Symantec

  • Group Technologies

  • LMON

treeMailS Configuration Database

The treeMailS Configuration database contains all of the configuration settings. The treeMailS Configuration database synchronizes itself automatically with the Lotus Domino address book. In other words, new users in the Lotus Domino address book are automatically added to the treeMailS Configuration database and, similarly, users deleted from the Lotus Domino address book are removed from the treeMailS Configuration database.

treeMailS Gateway Database

The treeMailS Gateway database is needed in particular for the 4-eye-principle within treeMailS. In addition, it controls different job documents sent by a treeMailS client.

treeMailS Log Database

The treeMailS Log database logs all of the actions performed by the treeMailS Server engine.

treeMailS / MFT Bridge Database

treeMailS / MFT Bridge database is the server based interface between Lotus Notes and Thru. All messages that will be sent by Lotus Notes over MFT will be transferred from this database to Thru. The treeMailS / MFT Bridge database is also responsible for single sign on (SSO) to Thru and sending the adapted e-mails to the recipients after the successful transfer of attachments to Thru. For load balancing reasons up to four treeMailS / MFT Bridges could be installed on a Lotus Domino mail server.

IBM Notes Client Components

treeMailS Extension Manager for Managing Personal Mail Databases

The treeMailS extension manager for managing personal mail databases monitors all send and backup commands within the personal mail database of a Lotus Notes client. It determines, for example, whether the sender wants to send an email to an external address or whether MFT actions have to be considered. The extension manager will run online as well as offline.

treeMailS Summary

treeMailS is designed to make sure the main administrative tasks are as fully automated as possible. This includes:

  • Synchronization with the Lotus Domino address book (new entries, deletions, name changes, etc.).

  • Synchronization with the user’s personal mail databases.

  • Automatic group resolution

  • Automatic synchronization of archival databases stipulated in policy guidelines. This means that the mail delivery for a user from a treeMailS archival database is handled in exactly the same way as it is from his personal mail database. Archival databases created by the user are recognized by treeMailS as well.

The treeMailS client consists of a single file (Lotus Notes extension manager). treeMailS provides a mechanism that greatly simplifies the initial rollout of the treeMailS clients and fully automates the update process for future treeMailS client versions. The treeMailS client can also be used in thin client environments.